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AI-driven exchange Where everyone is a stakeholder

Two tokens, one ecosystem, unlimited benefits. We have built an EOS-based exchange that creates value for all token holders.

How the POW token works

Every POW holder has a stake in our exchange. Every transaction
on the platform accrues dividends, which are shared according to each user's stake size.

Profit from all transactions

In the POW ecosystem, you earn dividends every time you or other users buy, sell, or transfer POW tokens. How much you earn depends only on your stake size.

Designed for stability

POW tokens are minted when you buy and burned when you sell. The smart contract uses a complex pricing algorithm to prevent volatility spikes.

Build your tribe

Our referral program is your fast lane to higher revenues. When someone buys POW with your link,
you get 30% of the total

Download our White Paper & One-Pager

Everything you wanted to know about POW Ecosystem: features, tokenomics, value allocation, and more.

*Good to know: dividend withdrawals are on-demand. As long as you have accumulated at least 0.0001 EOS, you can withdraw them at any time and with a minimal fee.

The exchange

We believe that crypto exchanges should share their profits with traders. The POW exchange already does.

Enough of unexpected pumps and dumps. The POW smart contract automatically creates and burns tokens for each transaction and adjusts the nominal price.

When you buy POW, dividends accrue to all token holders – including you, of course. The nominal price of POW increases – so the more you buy, the higher it goes. Similarly, when you sell, the smart contract transfers a dividend to you and all other members.

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Trade POW right now

Trading crypto has never been easier. Check the current price, enter the desired amount, and hit Buy or Sell. Your dividend will accrue automatically.


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Get started with our POW Beginner Guide

Even if you're completely new to crypto, don't worry. We've prepared a handy tutorial that explains our value redistribution model in detail. It explains how to buy and sell POW, how to convert POWx into POW and back, and how to join our referral program. You'll learn about launching a masternode, our token price mechanics, and dividend distribution.

Get started guide
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The power of POW Ecosystem in one handy dApp

Fast, intuitive, and packed full of features – our decentralized application is designed to do everything you need in just a couple of taps.

  • Buy, sell, transfer, & convert POW and POWx
  • Track your dividends & referrals
  • Withdraw your earnings
Check out the story of Alice, who earned +126%

How the POWx token works

POWx is the token linking the POW ecosystem to the larger cryptocurrency world. You can trade it on outside exchanges, and its price fluctuates freely according to the laws of supply and demand. Every time you buy POW, you get some POWx as part of your purchase. You can freely convert POWx into POW and vice versa.
The rate is fixed at 1 POW = 100 POWx.

Direct Exchange on dApp

Why the POW Ecosystem

We've studied all existing cryptocurrency value allocation systems and built on their best practices. Our exchange is faster, more stable, and profitable in the long term.

Built on EOS

Top speed, scalability, and advanced smart contracts – EOS is the best choice for dApps.

Zero transaction fees

EOS network doesn't charge any fee – you only pay the 1% system fee when you transfer POW.

Complete transparency

All transactions in the ecosystem are executed on the smart contract and 100% verifiable.

Referral system

Launch a masternode, refer new users, and get 30% of the dividends on their transactions.

Most helpful answers

If you don't find an answer to your question here, please refer to our
Knowledge Base or White Paper.

BUY: At the moment of purchase, some new POW tokens are minted and distributed to all token holders as dividends. The nominal price of POW goes up in accordance with a special formula. If you used a referral link to buy tokens, the owner of the link will receive 30% of all the dividends for the transaction. Please note that the purchase price of POW on the platform is always 10% higher than the nominal price.

SELL: Every POW token holder – including you – receives dividends. Some of the tokens you sell get burned to reduce their total number in circulation. The nominal price also goes down. Please note that the sell price on the platform is always 10% lower than the nominal price.

A 1% fee is withheld and burned – thus, the total amount of POW in circulation decreases.

We have developed a complex formula to set the nominal price - you’ll find it in the White Paper, together with a detailed explanation of our price-setting procedure. Every time someone buys, sells, or transfers POW, the price is updated. This process is completely automatic.

The main wallet does not have a private key at all. The EOS balance can only be accessed by a smart contract, and POW tokens must be redeemed by the contract to withdraw EOS - there is no other way. No one, the team included, has direct access to the main wallet.

If you want to earn revenue using our referral program, you’ll need to activate a masternode. For this, you’ll need to deposit a collateral of 1000 POW. We’ll take care of setting up the masternode and send you your unique referral link. Every time someone buys POW using your link, you’ll get 30% of the dividends (about 3% of the total purchase value) in EOS.

Dividends accrue to all POW token holders for every POW purchase or sale. How much you get in dividends depends on the size of your stake – that is, the proportion of the amount of POW you own to the total circulating supply. The most important thing about the POW ecosystem is that every token holder receives dividends on every transaction in the system. For details on how dividends are calculated, see the White Paper. You can withdraw your dividends whenever you like, as long as you’ve accumulated at least 0.0001 EOS.

POWx connects POW to general cryptocurrency market outside of the POW platform. POWx is freely transferable and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Its market price may fluctuate based on supply/demand equilibrium at each exchange. If you want to sell your POW on a third-party exchange, you'll need to convert them into POWx first at the fixed rate of 100 POWx = 1POW. Every time you buy POW, 1% of your purchase comes in POWx.

Our team has extensive experience in the development of dApps on EOS, crypto exchanges, and blockchain projects with complex tokenomics. However, to make sure that Proof of Weak Hands remains a community-run project governed by a smart contract, not personalities, the team has opted to stay anonymous.

Download White Paper & One-Pager

Everything you wanted to know about POW Ecosystem: features, tokenomics, value allocation, and more.

Knowledge base & Support

For any questions, proposals, and issues, please refer to our Knowledge base or submit support ticket.