Earning example
When Alice first joined the POW ecosystem, she spent 964 EOS on buying POW at the nominal price of 0.0102 EOS/POW. 100 other users joined after her, including 10 people who used her unique affiliate link – they became her referrals. Whenever someone bought or sold POW in the system, Alice received a share of the dividends that depended on her stake – her share in the total circulating supply of POW. This way, Alice accumulated 107.9407 EOS in dividends. In addition to these rewards, Alice got 30% of the dividends whenever any of her 10 referrals purchased POW. This brought her an extra 211.44 EOS in referral bonuses.
Finally, Alice decided to sell all her POW. In the meantime, the price of POW had grown by 93% to 0.0095 EOS, so Alice received a total of 1865.0550 EOS.
So what was Alice's total profit in the end? She spent 964 EOS in the beginning, but in the end she got 1865.0550 (the sale of POW) + 107.9407 (dividends) + 211.44 (referral rewards): circa 2184 EOS in total.
Her profit was thus 2184-964=1220 EOS – it's an ROI of 126,6%!