This guide will show you how to buy, store, and trade POW & POWx tokens - and explain different aspects of our ecosystem.

Create account
Create your own EOS account

You can quickly create your account in our dApp. Alternatively, you can use a third-party service like, Scatter,, ZEOS, eac.
Remember to save your keys in a safe place!

Install an EOS wallet

Install any EOS wallet you like and link your EOS account you've created in the previous step using your keys. We recommend the following fast, user-friendly and secure wallets.

Browser ext.
Mobile app.
MATH WALLET NOVA  MEET ONE imtoken TokenPocket 
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Load your EOS Wallet

You can easily and quickly send EOS from any cryptocurrency exchange to your wallet using your account name. Or use our partner exchange with 300+ coins to quickly exchange and receive EOS.

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Buy your first POW tokens

Use all features of our dApp. Buy and sell tokens, get detailed statistics, accumulate and withdraw your dividends and much more. Enjoy!

Open POW dApp

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Proof of Weak Hands Ecosystem is a decentralized exchange built on EOS that distributes its profits to POW token holders. Every transaction on the exchange generates dividends for all users. The system uses smart contracts and complex mathematical algorithms to ensure transparency and long-term stability.

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Get instant rewards in EOS for each referral

Stake >1K POW & get 30% of all dividends generated by your referrals.

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POW price grows as contract balance increases

POW/EOS price keeps growing along with the funds in the contract.

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Strong hands are rewarded with EOS

As long as you hold POW, you'll earn dividends on every trade POW tokens.




Every trade, buy or sell, is subject to a flat 10% transaction fee. 10% of all trade volume is distributed among the token holders as dividends in EOS. You can instantly withdraw or reinvest your dividends whenever you like. There are three basic rules you should know.

More info in our knowledge base
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Transparent automated token pricing
Price goes up & down following POW & EOS supply

When people buy POW, they are worth slightly more; when they sell, slightly less. For each token added or removed from circulation, the price of the next token will automatically grow or fall by a fractional amount in EOS.

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Reward distribution
You get dividends in EOS on every trade in POW

Having strong hands mean holding POW. Your share in the total POW supply determines how much you will earn each time other users buy or sell POW (Proof of Weak Hands algorithm).

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Affiliate masternode program
Stake 1K POW and earn even more

When you buy a masternode, you get a unique referral link. When someone buys POW using your link, you receive 30% of the transaction fee (dividends) in EOS.



POWx is the token linking the POW ecosystem to the larger cryptocurrency world. You can trade it on outside exchanges or swap it into POW token and back without any restrictions.

Try our decentralized exchange

Trade and track your POW & POWx tokens, withdraw dividends, explore your income and affiliate stats and much more... Enjoy!

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Together, we are building a fully decentralized and independent ecosystem.
Based on solid math and fully censorship-resistant.

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